EPZA-based Company’s Team Building at Alta Rios

Last January 30, 2016 Alta Rios played host to an EPZA-based company’s team building. Numbering close to 300 participants, they were divided into three groups by the camp’s team building facilitators.


The three groups were given designated areas where they will have their first set of activities:

The obstacle course:

basketball court:

And the pool area:

After completing their first set of activities, a team would move on to the next area until they have passed through each area and completed all activities.

Each activity were designed by the team building facilitators to instill into each participant the importance of focus, coordination, communication and teamwork in order to achieve a goal at the fastest time possible.


The team who completed all their activities the fastest and with the most points was declared the winner.

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Weekly Instagram Posts Compilation Week 1

As we launch our Instagram account late last month, we asked our visitors to post their photos on Instagram and use the hashtag #altariosresort to tag their photos. We would then pick the best photo/photos and we will feature them on our official website and Facebook page, in return we will be giving complimentary Starbucks Gift Check.

Here is a look at our own latest Instagram posts.


We Are Now On Instagram!

Yes, Alta Rios Camp, Resort and Conference Center is now on Instagram (@altariosresort). For the past years we at Alta Rios noticed that most of our clients are teenagers and young adults and this segment of our society are the ones very active in social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Through these networks they share their experiences and activities including those they had or are planning to have at the resort.

Starting with a Facebook page, which as of this writing has 1,182 likes, where we post announcements of latest write-ups on our website altarios.com, photos of the resorts and guests and also receive inquiries and comments, we recently launched our Instagram account where we share photos of our guests, activities and our facilities.

Instagram, being the leading photo-sharing social network, will make it easier not only for us but also for our guests to share their photos and tagged them using #altariosresort. As Alta Rios continues to grow with upgrades to our accommodations and facilities, our foray into the social media networks is also another way to make it more convenient for the public to reach us and share their experiences while at Alta Rios.

So if you have an Instagram account, follow us and tagged your photos while you were at the resort, doing your outdoor activities, having a team building session, camping or just relaxing at our swimming pools. Soon we are coming up with special promotion and contest announcements through our Facebook and Instagram accounts. Just another reason for you to follow us! Here are more of our Instagram shares.

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Time Out

The daily commute to and from work on the often congested roads, the long queues and cramped public transportation, the long hours at work and the stress of being a productive employee would sooner or later would take its toll on a person’s health. Continue reading Time Out

Experience The Outdoors

Have you ever wanted to go out and experience the outdoors but are having second thoughts of letting go of the convenience the city gives you? Have you ever wanted to go camping but worried about safety? At Alta Rios Camp, Resort and Conference Center we have the facilities and wide open spaces that would give you the best of both worlds.


What better way to experience the outdoors than pitching a tent and sharing stories over a campfire. As shown in the photo above, if you like or would like to go camping, the resort has a separate camp ground where you can put up your tent. When night comes we have a place for a campfire where you can share your stories while roasting marshmallows over the fire.

The resort’s wide open spaces affords you a place to do all your outdoor activities like playing volleyball and badminton or having your own program. Some of the resort visitors had their own outdoor games which focuses on working as a team in order to win.



Why wait till summer? Book with us and get to experience the outdoors while still having the convenience and security that our resort provides. Don’t forget that the resort also features 4 swimming pools that guests can also use during their stay.

kiddie pools

You can contact us through the Contact Us page, or through Facebook by visiting our page.

Youth Groups at Alta Rios Resort

Just as 2014 was about to draw to an end, Alta Rios welcomed and hosted a large religious youth group numbering to more than 200 where they stayed with us for five days.


As the resort can accommodate up to 300 guests at one time, our staff had no problem providing board and lodging to the group throughout their stay. Our camp grounds provided the space they need to practice or rehearse their programs and also perform their other outdoor activities as well.

One of our three conference centers provided them a place for their religious activities, as it has a stage and a sound system plus a more than ample seating capacity to accommodate such a large group. Usually used by our corporate clients and student groups for their conferences and lectures, it can also be converted for other purposes that the guests might require.

They also had access to in our pool area during their stay at the resort as we have four swimming pools of different depths so groups can do their different activities at the same time. It is also open for our guests to relax during their breaks.

The 4 hectare Alta Rios Resort, Camp and Conference Center can provide board and lodging to large groups for their team building, survival training, as we have facilities for those, and other activities that may require large open spaces. Contact us through our contact page or by clicking here for your inquiries, and don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram (altariosresort).

Photos were taken with the permission of our guests. The resort respects the privacy of its guests.

Our Latest Rates

Rates as of December 2014

7:00A.M-5:00P.M. 5:00P.M.-11:00P.M. Up to 7:00A.M.
ENTRANCE FEE 20.00 30.00 40.00
POOL USAGE CHARGES – ADULTS 100.00 120.00 140.00
Bird Cottages 250.00 300.00 350.00
8-10 Persons
Tree Cottages
6-8 Persons 300.00 350.00 400.00
10-12 Persons 600.00 700.00 800.00
Mountain Cottages
10-12 Persons 500.00 600.00 700.00
Flower Round Huts
6-8 Persons 500.00 600.00 700.00
River Cottages
8-10 Persons 500.00 600.00 700.00
Lake Rooms
2 Adults 1,000.00 1,150.00 1,300.00
Pavillon Tables
4 Persons 150.00 200.00 250.00
FAMILY SUITES – For 4 Persons# 3 CAIMITO #4 DUHAT with Aircon 2,500.00 PER DAY
COMPANY SUITES – For 10 Persons #5 GUYABANO #6 KAMIYAS #7 LANZONES 3,500.00 PER DAY plus P500 for Aircon
DORMITORY BUILDINGS 250.00/Person/night plus P30/Person for Aircon
MACOPA & MANGA (Retreat Rooms) Minimum 30 persons/Room Maximum 100 Persons
SANTOL (Upper Shower Room) Minimum 15 persons/Room Maximum 50 Persons
PINYA (Central Dorm) Minimum 20 persons Maximum 40 Persons
SAGING (Theater Room) Minimum 15 persons Maximum 40 Persons
CAMPING W/ GLAMOR TENTS P150/Person/Night includes tent, use of wc & shower rooms
USE OF CAMPING GROUNDS P100/Person/Night includes use of wc & shower rooms
DEL PILAR (Carpeted Conference Center) 4,000.00 Per Day plus 1,500/day for Aircon
RIZAL (Open Conference Hall ) 4,000.00 Per Day
BONIFACIO (Overlooking) 3,000.00 Per Day
Dining Rooms Reservations on Arrangement
Kitchens Reservations on Arrangement
OBSTACLE COURSE /TEAM BUILDING P200/Person without Facilitator
RIVERSIDE TREKKING Complimentary For Overnight Guests
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