Students from UP participating in team building activities

Team building and why it is necessary

As defined in Wikipedia

Team building is a philosophy of job design in which employees are viewed as members of interdependent teams instead of as individual workers.[1] Team building (which is correctly spelled with two words)[citation needed] refers to a wide range of activities, presented to businesses, schools, sports teams, religious or nonprofit organizations designed for improving team performance.

During its infancy in the Philippines, team building activities were reserved mostly for large corporations with deep pockets to spend.

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IMG_5913Mulberries are not native to the Philippines so seeing them
growing on shrubs in a resort of all places are quite a surprise. There I saw these two
kids picking them and having a fun time while at it. With the
help of their baby sitters, they were able to gather a basket full.

IMG_5906Located at the back of the resort near the covered conference center and the obstacle course, there are two rows of fruiting plants. What was just an experiment by the resort owners if they would grow in the Philippines, specifically on the resort grounds, they are now full grown and are already bearing fruits.

IMG_5915This is just one of the attractions at the Alta Rios Resort, Camp and Conference Center in Indang, Cavite. Apart from the nature trail going to the hidden river, having picked mulberries as part of your trip to Alta Rios is a story worth telling your friends and family.

IMG_5895A word of caution: just pick a few just to taste so that others may also get to pick and have a taste of it as well.

A group of kids who had their retreat at Alta Rios

Field trips and safety

UP Students participating in team building activities
UP Students participating in team building activities

It is every parents fear of what might happen to their children whenever they are not in their care. Parents are comforted by the fact that their kids are in safe and able hands when they’re at school and is being looked upon by their teachers and school personnel. That changes when it is time for them to go on a field trip which happens at least once a year. It is only up to a certain age that schools would allow parents to act as chaperon and there will be a time when kids themselves would not want their parents to be with them during these trips.


Recent news about students who sadly had unfortunate incidents during their school-sanctioned fields only made parents more concerned about the safety of their kids. Although the Department of Education had made a statement that it is not compulsory for students to join and has an option to instead be given an activity, kids would normally feel left out hence parents are made to choose. Now the task falls to school authorities to look for places that the kids would be safe and still enjoy the experience.


Alta Rios Resort, Camp and Conference Center has facilities to accommodate students and faculty members for their indoor and outdoor activities and still provide ample safety and security. We have a separate camping grounds for those who want to go camping or as we say here in Alta Rios – GLAMPING. Students can camp out in tents within the grounds of Alta Rios and have the convenience of having private restrooms and shower areas. They can use one or all of the resorts 4 swimming pools being watched by our lifeguards and staff. We have conference centers where they can have lectures and activities and an obstacle course for team building activities as well.

Team Building Area

Team Building at Alta Rios

Looking for a place to hold your company’s team building activities, conferences and recreation? Look no further as Alta Rios has expanded its facilities to address your company’s requirement.



For vacationers and business groups, we have family suites for six pax and corporate suites for 14 pax.

For campers and conference groups, we have conference rooms for 250, 150 and 75 people with audio-visual equipment. Three separate dormitory sites for 100, 60 and 40 persons are available.

Meals can be provided by our caterers or by the groups’ use of our two complete kitchens.

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